WordPress is a content management system (CMS) which enables you to create and host websites. WordPress has a template system  that allow you to personalize any website according to your demands. Eg. To upload contents,  products or services,  blogs and much more.

HTML– Hypertext markup language is made using standard markup language which is a coding language and the language used to specify an HTML document’s style is called CSS. To develop a simple web page, HTML and CSS will be combined.

The following are the differences of WordPress website and HTML website

1.Coding skill: WordPress does not require any coding language,  it is easily accessible while HTML requires special coding skills for its usage

2. User friendly : WordPress is very user friendly,  it can be easily edited,  added or removed. On the other hand,  HTML usage is possible only by a professional developer or one who has good knowledge about HTML.

3. Learning experience : WordPress is very easy to use and does not give any good learning experience to the user. HTML user gains a good learning experience as it requires skills.

4. Time : Creating wordpress is easy as the templates are already available on the other hand HTML requires a lot of time and creativity.

5. Costing: Hosting a wordpress website is expensive while HTML requires less expense.

6. Maintenance : Frequent maintenance of the website is required for wordpress while HTML requires very less maintenance.

7. Speed : WordPress website is faster and quicker while HTML website is quite slow.

8.Security : Safety and security features of WordPress website is far better and easier when compared to HTML website .

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