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Every website a user comes across is not free from advertisements. They could be pop-up videos, pop-up ad images, scrolling ads, margin ads and more. These function usually through information websites or blogs. These websites are called publishers. This is a way for website owners to make fair, decent money from advertisers.

Pay per click or PPC is an online advertising model that works perfectly for publishers and advertisers alike. It is as simple as it sounds, for every click, clicked by a user on the publishing website, the advertiser pays a certain amount. It is also referred to as cost per click or CPC. PPC is offered by search engines and social networking platforms.

How does this model work? PPC works on keywords. Advertisements appear on these sites only when certain keywords are searched for by users. These keywords must be related to the advertised product or service. It is important to invest on researching the most appropriate and related key words applicable to the product or service. PPC advertising models is useful for advertisers and publishers in their own way. Since the PPC model focuses on publishing advertisements based on related searches, advertisers can make use of a more approachable audience. Advertising their products and services to a more focused audience who are inherently looking for related items of use. This allows advertisers access to potential customers and not just dry click with. It is important to note that this is a very cost-effective advertising model as the cost incurred per click to the advertiser is way less than the money made per click.

Publishers can take up PPC publishing sites as a primary revenue source. For example, search engines and social media platforms like Google and Facebook provide free service to their users. To monetize their space, these sites make use of PPC and other online advertising models.

There are two types of PPC rate cards –

  1. Flat rate model
  2. Bid-based model

Flat rate pay per click model is pretty much similar to Fixed fee model where an advertiser pays a fixed fee per click to the publisher site. This fee can vary from which part of the website the ad is published in, and on the term of the contract the advertiser is offering. This model is slightly complex and does not depend on the total amount or the money offered to the publisher. Here, the advertiser quotes the maximum amount they are willing to pay for the part of the website and takes up auction with automated tools. This auction runs when a visitor hovers over or triggers the ad spot. This auction considers the rank which in turn considers the quality of content. This is a good instance to prove that relevance is important for advertising.

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