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Websites are the key to having an effective digital presence. Business entities, organisations and institutions of all kinds prioritise websites to operate, provide information and drive sales as well. Websites designed and develop for commercial purposes are called e-commerce sites. These sites are developed to publish and display products online and also enable online sales. Products and services can be purchased and based on certain businesses reviews can also be posted. E-commerce websites are very popular with consumers and on several occasions are preferred to physical stores. Operating via e-commerce websites is cost effective. Moving a business online is not only easy but also profitable. These sites make market and consumer analysis easier by collecting data of sales made, demand movement and more that helps keep track of what product do well and what need improvement.

Java, Java Script, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails and C++ are the most popular languages used to develop e-commerce websites. While developing these sites, it is important to consider certain functionalities. The design must be responsive meaning the site must be accessible on every electronic device from PC’s to Tablets and phones. SEO must have a great distribution strategy which aims to rank the site higher on Google searches using relevant keywords and user-friendly content. The probability of high-ranking bounces with every second added to the load time, according to a study by Google. Fast loading sites are a positive point to SEO as it used as a ranking factor. Which Content Management System (CMS) is being used to develop the e-site is vital as CMS’s hold dynamic content formats which help offer an attractive yet user-friendly site. For the payments and check out section of the site, it is crucial to offer multiple payment options to enable sales to a diverse community of users.

E-commerce websites must be very secure as they deal with multiple aspects of sensitive data like consumer financial data, contact information and addresses etc., which makes the website vulnerable. A third-party software must be used along with bare minimum inbuilt SSL to meet PCI compliance needs.

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