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Websites are gateways for businesses to develop better through maintaining a steady market reach, better data collection and analyses. The bets proven method used to extend market reach is through websites. They act as a reliable platform for potential clientele to gather business details from.

The procedure of website creation religiously involves two vital processes – Web designing and web development. We have seen continuous evolution in the field to understand that web designing n development act as umbrella terms and can be interchanged based on their functions.

The task involved in web designing includes the determining of how a website must look and feel to appeal better and make an even better impact. Web designing decides where which information is to be placed, how the website will operate, the colour palette and other aesthetics that match and go well with the business model. In short, web designing manages the front-end development of the website or in layman terms, it manages what the user sees while on the website. In similar context, web development manages the task of back-end development of the website. This is basically where the content, data and website necessities are stored. While web designing designs the outlook, web development helps it come to life. This process usually refers to the non-designing aspects of building websites like marking and coding. It uses coding languages like HTML, CSS, and Java Script to implement the decided web design and languages like Ruby, PHP, .Net and Python to develop a connection between the frontend and the backend of a functioning website. Although it can be established that web development comes handy for commercial websites or any other website it need be, web development can have a distinct range from a simple static page to composite web pages and applications and social networking devices.

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